Teddy Bear Sweater

This little sweater is quick and easy to
make up and is sure to please any child
who has a favorite bear. Also maybe get
a head start on a Christmas gift made just
by you. It is constructed on the same principal
as the sweater in my book Aran Knitting for Beginners 
and if you have never made a sweater this way before, 
it is a good learning project. I used  red and green 
wool. Makes my bear nice and cuddly.
These directions are for a 16" bear. If your bear is bigger or smaller just increase
or decrease the number of stitches in the Irish moss stitch.
Abbreviations:  Im = Irish moss st (knit over purled sts purl over knit sts)
                        Cb4 = cable back 4
                        Cf  = cable front 4
Materials you will need:
1 skein each red and green knitting worsted
1 pair each #5 and #7 knitting needles
1 cable needle
2 stitch holders
 Gage for this sweater: On #7 needles in Irish moss stitch is,
                                     9 sts = 2" and 8 rows = 2"
Front: With red yarn cast on 50 sts, work in rib st, k 1, p 1 till work measures 1"
 Change to green yarn and work as follows:
Row 1: Im 9, p 2, k 4, p 2, k 16, p 2, k 4, p 2, im 9.
Row 2: Im 9, k 2, p 4, k 2, p 16, k 2, p 4, k 2, im 9.
Row 3: Im 9, p 2, cb 4, p 2, cb 4, cf 4, cb 4, cf 4, p 2, cf 4, p 2, im 9.
Row 4: Same as row 2
Row 5: Same as row 1
Row 6: Same as row 2
Row 7: Im 9, p 2, cb 4, p 2, cf 4, cb 4, cf 4, cb 4, p 2, cf 4, p 2, im 9.
Row 8: Same as row 2
 Continue working theses 8 rows till work measures 3 1/2" or desired length to underarm.
 Decrease 2 sts beginning of next 2 rows leaving 46 sts on your needles.
 Continue to work in pattern another 1 1/4" or till work measures 4 3/4".
Shoulders: Work off 5 sts (these 5 sts will make up your shoulder) place next 41 sts on
stitch holder. Work these 5 sts for 6 rows, bind off.
From your stitch holder slip the last 5 sts from that row onto your needle and work 6 rows
and bind off leaving 36 sts on the holder. Put aside and go to back.
Back: Same as front to row 1. I made up the back of my sweater entirely in Irish moss st,
you can put the pattern on the back also if you wish. The measurements are the same as
for the front.
Neck: With wrong sides out sew the right shoulder seam together. Then with #5 needles
starting at the top of the left front neck edge of the shoulder pick up 3 sts evenly along this
edge with the tip of your needle. Slip the sts from the holder onto your needle. Pick up 6 sts
evenly along this edge, slip the sts from your holder onto needle and pick up 3 sts along last
edge. You should now have 84 sts on your needle. Work theses in rib st for 3/4" bind off.
Sew left shoulder seam together.
Sleeves: With the tip of your #7 needle pick up 32 sts evenly along sleeve edge. Attach
yarn and work theses 32 sts in im till work measures 2 1/2" attach red your and with your
#5 needles work in rib st for 3/4" bind off.
Sew side and arm seams together and you're done.  
If you would like a printed out copy of this pattern please send $1.00 US and a
Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to me, request ATTN: Teddy Bear. 
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